My Big Year-End Sale!

by Greg on November 29, 2012

It’s not Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Nope. I’m calling it the 32 Days of Happy Accidents. Regardless of the label, here’s the scoop: I’m offering 25% off all my consulting services from now til the end of 2012!

If you’re looking for some help with social media – whether it’s  in terms of building a platform (and still having time to work!) or how to use a specific tool like Twitter or Facebook or about an upcoming book launch or whatever else it might be – now’s a great time to get in touch and jump in.

I mean really, now. You could get two hours of one on one consulting for only $75 dollars. You could get four hours for the price of three! You could get an hour of me for cheaper than I’ve ever been.

And here’s a fun idea… you can give me as a gift! Yep, you can purchase time now and give it as a gift (one that truly does keep on giving) to someone to use in the future. You can even give the gift yourself (if you don’t have time to work now). Simply email me or find me on Twitter or message me on Facebook and let’s go from there.

If you’re in LA, we can get together, of course, but I also work via Skype, the phone, Google+ and a bunch of other ways, too. (Oh, and yes – all my existing clients get this sale rate, as well.). And if this isn’t right for you, but you know someone who it might be good for… I hope you’ll let ’em know.

I look forward to working with you soon. And I hope the rest of your year is full of happy accidents!



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