Kidlitchat Transcripts

Kidlitchat, co-hosted by me and Bonnie Adamson, happens every Tuesday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific on Twitter. You can find the 2011 #kidlitchat transcripts here, updated weekly, as well as links to all prior chats.

The transcripts from 2009 are here.

The transcripts from 2010 are here.

January 4th transcript – Award prediction time! What’s going to win at ALA this weekend? And what “should” win?

January 11th transcript – Let’s talk about diversity in children’s literature: how are we doing, and what else can we be doing?

January 18th transcript – Is anybody listening? How do we spread the word about children’s books beyond the kidlit community?

January 25th transcript – It’s time for our State of the Business chat. Is it bleak? Rosy? How do you assess your own contribution?

February 1st transcript – Sadly, due to technical difficulties, we don’t have one.

February 8th transcript – Open Mic night — introduce yourselves! What’s new with you? Any interesting topics on your radar?

February 15th transcript – Apps and ebooks are good business, AND they’re our business. Let’s share tips/ideas/resources/questions about ’em.

February 22nd transcript – What book for young readers would you most like to see turned into a movie or TV show? Got cast?

March 1st transcript – It’s a business, not just art. What are key professional mistakes you’ve seen folks make, and what tips to avoid ‘em?

March 8th transcript – How do you stay in touch with your audience–school visits, blogs, or…?

March 15th transcript – How do you create memorable characters? Share your tips, tools, and give up your secrets (or not)!

March 22nd transcript – Have new technology/new publishing models caused you to re-think self publishing?

March 29th transcript – It’s the end of the quarter open mic night! What’s on your mind? What are you up to?

In April, Twitter changed some rules and regulations, and we were unable to continue with transcripts. However, we have them back now, though they may be intermittent for a spell.

August 16th transcript – How do you communicate goals to non-kidlit people in your life? Do they get WHY you do what you do?

December 6th transcript – What are your most effective launch strategies? How long before debut day do you start?

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Donna L Sadd June 26, 2012 at 6:16 pm

Thank you for Your invite! I hOpe to become a worthwhile member. :0)


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Laura Purdie Salas June 21, 2013 at 4:03 am

Greg, does this still happen on Tuesday nights? I’m trying out Twitter and thought I’d check. Also…any librarian/teacher regular chats you can recommend where kidlit is a common topic? Thanks! Laura


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