Twitter Chatting… and Happy Accidents

by Greg on June 11, 2009

a twitter bird by spoongraphicsOn Wednesday morning, June 10, author Nan Marino and her editor Nancy Mercado interviewed each other on Twitter. They’d announced the chat five days before it happened, used Twitter, Facebook, and message boards to spread the word, and used the hashtag #naimu so others could follow along.

If you read the transcript, you can some insight into writing and editing… and you can also see that they sold at least one copy of Nan Marino’s book, Neil Armstrong is my Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me. They got retweeted, had people join in the chat, and appeared to have a good time. They both likely picked up new Twitter followers and Facebook friends and blog readers. The story could end there as a success… but wait! There’s more!

Today, June 11th, the chat was featured in an article in Children’s Bookshelf – a 19,000+ circulation free weekly e-newsletter from Publisher’s Weekly – and is also up on the Publisher’s Weekly website. This is great publicity for the book and the author, obviously, and it’s certainly an endorsement for trying out different ideas to see where they take you. This is all good stuff… and there’s still another part of the story I want to mention, too.

Pamela Ross was one of the people who asked a question during the chat. She’s also an author, and she and her books, The Pueblo Indians and The Chinook People, are also mentioned in the same Publisher’s Weekly article and e-weekly. That is a happy accident, indeed, simply because she was out there engaging in conversation and playing in traffic

Chats are a great way find others who share your interests and to build up a community. Most of them won’t get media attention, of course, but if you’re looking for a way to engage and have fun, they’re a great way to go. Meryl K. Evans, the Content Maven, has a good list of many ongoing, scheduled chats on Twitter that you can join in… or you can start hosting one of your own.

If any of you have good Twitter chat stories, I hope you’ll let us hear them. Now go chat in traffic. It won’t hurt… and you never know where it might take you.

(twitter bird by spoongraphics)

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