About Me

My name’s Greg Pincus, though I also answer to Gregory K., Dad, Library Guy, and a few different email aliases-turned-nicknames. I’m a children’s poet and novelist, a screenwriter, a volunteer elementary school librarian, and someone you can hire to put together a social media plan that will help you find and reach your goals… as well as set you up for happy accidents. happy-accident-logo

I’ve been playing and working online for a long time – my father and I used to send the equivalent of instant messages over the arpanet backbone – and love the power of the internet, particularly when it comes to empowering individuals. And I know enough about technology to assure you that my approach to social media is not, in fact, hard-core technology based. I mean, really now – I’m a poet!

Still, I’ve used social media to go viral and into the New York Times and Washington Post, run and helped run successful events (at my children’s literature blog GottaBook and other places) that have garnered attention online and off, learned how the pieces have fit together for me and many others… and had fun doing it. In other words… I’m geeky so you don’t have to be!

I also love chocolate, baseball, and talking about poetry. I am incredibly proud of having helped create and run an elementary school library from scratch with no budget – the best project I’ve worked on since I moved to Hollywood.

If you’ve got questions about me or what I offer, feel free to e-mail me.  I look forward to seeing you here and wherever else our paths might cross!