About The HappyAccident.net

I’ve started the Happy Accident because I wanted a place to talk about social media from my perspective, and my existing blog, GottaBook, wasn’t it. Yes, this is also a business for me, and I hope some of you choose to hire me, but the goal of the site will be to offer content that I think has value regardless. Towards that end…

* I’ll write about how I view social media strategies and planning and how happy accidents are a part of that

* I’ll feature others who have done great jobs establishing themselves via blogs, podcasts, Twitter, and beyond

* I’ll present examples that show concretely how some of this nutty stuff works  (yes… I’m geeky. I have statistics!)

* I’ll be technology-lite: if you want hard-core SEO tips or CSS coding talk this isn’t the place you’re going to find it

* I plan to have fun with it all… and with all of you

The site itself is a work in progress, at least in terms of the look. In time, I’ll have a new header, different stuff on the side, and undoubtedly more content, and I look forward to all of that. Still, I think you have to approach social media with the attitude that many things are going to be imperfect, particularly for those of us without unlimited time and budget. Often, rather than spending months and months getting it all just right, it’s better to get going when you’re satisfied you have set yourself up well enough to reach your goals. Obviously, there are times that’s not the correct strategy, but it is the case here for me.

I spend a lot of time trying to get people to avoid the obstacles and misperceptions that keep them from plying the social media waters. To many, being online still seems scary… overwhelming… impossible to understand. Yet it needn’t be any of those things. Sure, there are choices galore, tricks on top of tricks, and acronyms and buzzwords enough to make your head spin when you hear about social media, and there are many, many wonderful ways to optimize your site and increase your odds of drawing traffic to it.

Google.com on November 11, 1998

Google.com on November 11, 1998

Yet the bottom line from my point of view is that you don’t need anything other than a good idea, a plan and a strategy, and the courage to start going after your goals in order to give yourself a chance to forge relationships, build connections, and set yourself up for happy accidents. Everything starts somewhere, Google.com included.

I look forward to getting to know many more wonderful people through my experiences here, and I also know that I will learn a ton from all of you. And I hope that together we’ll give the world many great examples of happy accidents.