2013: The Year I Followed My Own Advice

by Greg on December 17, 2013

247825One of the first things I tell people when I work with them is that if social media is getting in the way of you doing your job (writing, illustrating, composing, editing, whatever it might be) or your ability to live productively, then you need to dial back.

Well, yes. 2013 was that year for me, as anyone who was reading here can probably tell! It has been a long, silent Happy Accident stretch, indeed. It was not expected, but it was necessary.14fibsCover

Now, while I haven’t been blogging here, I have still been active elsewhere online, have still been speaking about social media, and still working with consulting clients. My debut novel, The 14 Fibs of Gregory K., launched into the world, too, and its positive reception has been a blast (plus, I must note, it makes a great gift!).

What does this mean moving forward? To be honest, I don’t know. I have lots of excellent plans, yet I’m aware that realizing them this coming year will require some changes, not all of which are in my control. So, we shall see.

I simply didn’t want the year to end without a re-appearance, particularly since the only big change regarding The Happy Accident has been my silence here. Otherwise, I’m still playing in the social media stream, learning, sharing, teaching, and happy as can be when I get a chance to interact with y’all wherever it might be.

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2014 for you and all yours!







The Tools They Are A-Changing

by Greg on March 30, 2013

greader-logoChange, change, change – a constant in social media (and elsewhere, of course). Sometimes the changes are incremental, like when Facebook tweaks its design or news feeds. Other times, though, the change is bigger, such as Google announcing that they are shutting down Reader on July 1.

For me, this is a big change – I subscribe to over 300 blogs, and have them all in my Reader so I can view them on my own schedule. There are alternatives to Reader available – I’ve been playing with Feedly already and am sure it will be a worthy substitute – yet when changes like this happen, I try to use them to re-evaluate what I’m doing.

In this case, that’s led to two questions – do I need each of the subscriptions I have AND are there better/more efficient ways for me to get the information I’m gathering. Since one of the reasons I subscribe to blogs is to see what friends are up to, on that level, I’d make no changes – I still want to see their blogs.

However, I also use subscriptions to keep up on news – in publishing, in social media, in a few other areas – and here I see some inefficiencies. I am oversubscribed to sources that have mostly the same news, for example. Also, in many cases, I have switched to using Twitter to keep up with news.

So, I’ll cancel some subscriptions and continue to see if there are even more efficient choices for me to make. And while some argue that readers/subscriptions are a dying breed, I still like the way the tools work for me, so I’ll keep using them.

Another recent change has been easier for me to adapt to – Tweet Deck, the client I’veTweetDeck-Logo-1 always used for Twitter – is ceasing to be a standalone program and will either be used through the web or via apps.

Again, I asked myself if this is still the way I want to use Twitter, and, since it was, I’ll just use the same tool in a different form. It’s change, but relatively minor in the end.

It’s hard to keep on top of everything in social media. In fact, I think it’s impossible… and not necessary. Whenever one of my tools changes or I find a new thing to explore, I always ask myself whether the new shiny thing helps me, keeps me in bad habits, or is just something new and shiny.

With that as my guideline, the fact that change is a constant doesn’t stress me out. What about you? Do you have tips for adapting? As always, I’d love to hear….


Facebook Changes the News Feed

by Greg on March 9, 2013

facebook logoPerhaps this post should be called “Don’t Panic! Facebook Makes Changes!” yet it feels like I’ve used that headline before. Regardless, this upcoming change to the news feed is one that has the potential to help you streamline your Facebook experience… and it’s coming soon whether you like it or not.

When the changes kick in, the biggest impact will be that you’ll be given the ability to switch between a number of different feeds rather than the single one that Facebook offers now. Here are the new options: [click to continue reading…]


Oooh, So Shiny! Focus, Focus, Focus.

by Greg on February 12, 2013

Social Network LogosI love the online world. It’s a never-ending sandbox full of amazing tools for research, marketing, communication, and, well, most everything.

At the same time, that abundance also creates a challenge – there’s always something new to try or learn. And even more tantalizing… there’s always some next big thing that “everybody” is talking about. It’s hard not to feel perpetually one step behind. [click to continue reading…]


My Big Year-End Sale!

by Greg on November 29, 2012

It’s not Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Nope. I’m calling it the 32 Days of Happy Accidents. Regardless of the label, here’s the scoop: I’m offering 25% off all my consulting services from now til the end of 2012!

If you’re looking for some help with social media – whether it’s  in terms of building a platform (and still having time to work!) or how to use a specific tool like Twitter or Facebook or about an upcoming book launch or whatever else it might be – now’s a great time to get in touch and jump in. [click to continue reading…]


My Consulting Services… For Charity!

November 15, 2012

As part of the KidLit Cares auction that’s going on to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, you can bid on two hours of my consulting services! Tweet

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You Say It… And It’s Yours Forever!

November 8, 2012

I’ve been scarce online the past months, working on deadline, consulting, and, of course, dealing with life. Oddly, the one place I’ve spent more time than normal has been Facebook… because I’ve found it fascinating to see what people post. And here’s what it’s made me think: Y’all know this social media stuff is public, […]

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Avoiding the Echo Chamber

October 3, 2012

This past weekend, I attended and spoke at the 6th annual KidLitCon, a convention for those who blog about children’s literature (and those who are interested in those who blog thusly!). It was great, as always (and you can get a sense of it from co-host/organizer Betsy Bird’s wrap-up). My talk was about a topic […]

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Repost: 6 Social Media Steps to Take after a Conference or Event

August 8, 2012

This post originally appeared on The Happy Accident on August 9th, 2011.   I have edited out the first paragraph about the event I had just attended then since, in fact, I didn’t “just” attend it now.  Other links point to wrap-ups of that conference. However, no matter the big event… Here are six steps […]

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Notes from a Social Media Semi-Hiatus

July 23, 2012

I’ve been on a semi-hiatus from social media for the last month or so. I haven’t been totally absent – I made it to a #kidlitchat or two on Twitter; I’ve updated my Facebook status and commented there a few times; I even got a couple posts up at GottaBook – but for the most […]

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